DXN eBook

This DXN Ganoderma Health eBook is provided with the compliments of, “Mavis, My  Ganoderma Story”.

It is a compilation of DXN Australia’s “A Guide to Better Health”, “DXN Products” and Member/Wholesale Prices.

• What is Ganoderma, and why should you be interested in it?
• Herrings 3 Laws of Natural Healing.
• Understanding the Healing Response.
• Signs of Ailment Reflection as opposed to negative side effects of drugs.
• Why has DXN more than 6.5 million members worldwide?

• DXN Ganoderma Powder and capsules.
• Products containing Ganoderma.

• Other Health Products.

• Lifetime “Membership Pack” options from as little as $28.60 with no annual fees.

• Member/Wholesale Prices.

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